1. To plan and provide logistics for the commencement of postgraduate programmes in Local Government and Development Studies capable of responding to the challenges of administration and development
  2. To review, redesign, refocus the philosophy and content of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with a view to producing high quality graduates capable of providing development and administrative leadership in the service.
  3. To reactivate the outreach programmes of the Department in order to improve the quality of management staff on the job in local governments and other Services.
  4. To enhance training and research capabilities of the Department thereby improving the quality of teaching and research.
  5. To maintain standards, share experiences and collaborate with affiliate and sister institutions in the areas of training, research and extension services
  6. To expand and update reference materials and facilities in the Departmental Library
  7. To expand and intensify our extension services so as to make our impact better felt in our catchment area
  8. To further strengthen governmental support and patronage for the Department
  9. To resuscitate the Alumni Association and sustain its link with the Department for effective resource mobilization and institutional image-making
  10. To upgrade, source and maintain Departmental Facilities, Equipment and Logistics with a view to enhancing our Academic and Administrative Performance.
  11. To improve the Academic Staffing situation in order to meet up with the demands of our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes.
  12. To utilize existing linkages (Governmental and Non-Governmental) for the improvement of awareness and image of Local Government as an institution of development and as a discipline.
  13. To strengthen relationship with Donor Agencies to further enhance collaboration in the areas of training, capacity building, research and client participation.
  14. To generate funds for augmenting recurrent and capital expenditures of the Department.
  15. To ensure regular Departmental meetings and functional committee system.
  16. To enhance welfare and motivation by facilitating Staff Welfare Schemes, the provision of Research Grants and support for Local and International Conferences.
  17. To review curriculum to become ICT compliant thereby enhancing ICT utilization by staff, and virtual administrative communication.
  18. To organize quarterly seminars and annual conferences to strengthen our research effort as a contribution to scholarship.