Welcome Message From Prof. Bashir Jumare The H O D

dr. Jumare - Current HOD

It is with great pleasure and sense of commitment that the H.O.D is welcoming members of the academic and immediate communities to the Department of Local Government and Development Studies, Faculty of Administration, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. The Department since 1948 had long term training and manpower development programmes for the Staff of Local Governments in the then Northern Region. In 1979, the Federal Government of Nigeria designed three Universities, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka as local government staff training centers in the country. This was sequel to the acute shortage of skilled manpower resulting from the 1979 reforms and subsequent creation of more local governments nationwide. In pursuance of the training mandate, this Department ran the following programmes before 1966:

  • Two-year Diploma in Local Government for intermediate staff on salary grade level 06 – 08.
  • One-year Higher Diploma in Local Government for senior staff on salary grade level 08 – 09
  • Another one-year Advanced Diploma in Local Government for senior staff  on salary grade level 10 and above
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Local Government (Full Time) for Degree holders in areas other than administration or local government. Later on, in 1998, Postgraduate Diploma in Local Government (Part Time) was started by the Department.
  • Masters in Public Administration (Local Government) for degree holders in administration and social sciences wishing to make a career in local government service.
  • Ph.D. in Local Government for people wishing to take to teaching in tertiary institutions.

In 1996, the University authorities scrapped all diploma programmes including the first three Diplomas in local government mentioned above. Since then, the Department has left with its Postgraduate Programmes, the other mandatory activities and the servicing of SGRS courses and Public Administration Department. However, by 2004, the Degree programme of the Department was approved and the name of the Department also changed to Department of Local Government and Development Studies. It immediately commenced admission and teaching of new intakes by the 2004/2005 Academic Session.

In the year 2013, the Department further introduced new programmes in policy and development issues;

  • PGD Policy and Development Studies
  • Msc Policy and Development Studies
  • Master of Policy and Development Studies
  • M.Phil Policy and Development Studies
  • Recently Post Graduate Diploma in Policy and Development Studies

The idea in all these courses is to produce a balanced individual that is exposed to, and understand the idea of development, its interdisciplinary nature, functionality, universalistic appeal and centrality to the understanding of man and his environment. From a local government perspective, the exercise will move the traditional conception of local government from a mere governmental bureaucracy to a dynamic institution that is capable of responding to its immediate and wider environments as they throw up challenges.

It is against this background that we welcome everybody to this department and count for your continued support. Thank you once more.  



    To produce a balanced graduate worthy in character and learning, capable of promoting leadership and overall development at the local, national and international level.


    To provide Local Government Councils and the public sector with personnel who can appreciate and respond to environmentally induced changes and with capacity for transforming Local Communities, and the public sector at large.

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